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Planet Fitness Is An Amazing Judgement Free Zone – Transgender Journey – FTM


Hello everyone!  Today I very excited to share with you my experience with Planet Fitness in Traverse City, MI.  I recently shared with the manager there that I was in the process of transitioning.  To my surprise, she was beyond…
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Thank You For Your Support – Transgender Journey – FTM


I would like to truly thank all of you who have been following my journey so far.  Instead of sharing an old video today, I simply want to say Thank you.  I love all of the comments, sharing and likes. …
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Beginning Steps. Becoming Me – Transgender Journey – FTM


One week ago today, marks my “Coming Out” to my wife Natalie.  For years I have felt extremely different.  Unlike anyone else.  “Why can’t I wake up as a man?” I would ask myself.  “It would fix everything”.  From a…
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