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Monthly Archive: January 2017


The Ball Is Now Rolling – Transgender Journey FTM

The Ball Is Now Rolling - Transgender Journey - FTM

The ball is now rolling and everything is moving forward with my transition.    Send article as PDF   

Doctor Appointment for Referral Letter Transgender Journey FTM

Headed into Doctor Appointment for Referral Transgender Journey - FTM

Today I am headed to my primary care physician for a referral letter to start hormone therapy.  A letter from my counselor and primary care physician, along with medical records are required to schedule an appointment to begin hormone therapy…
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Getting My Letters! Transgender Journey – FTM


Getting My Letters!  Transgender Journey – FTM Today marks a big day for myself and I would like to share it with you. I have been seeing Dr Graham Peveller for a while now and he shared with me that…
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Help Support the Trans Youth Community


Help Support the Trans Youth Community   When it comes to support for the transgender youth community, taking some extra care and research is highly recommended. No matter what age category you are in, life is not easy as a…
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